From Fear to Faith

Many have asked how I became free from fear and depression. My full testimony is available to view via my website at

Though it is a concise version of my "story", the root victories lie in these, trust, surrender, selflessness, and obedience. Without these continual, I reiterate, continual actions, fear and despair will never flee. Fear doesn't just go away on its own; it's a continual retraining of thought and action, based on complete faith, trust, and surrender to the plans and sovereignty of God. Understand, when we fear we are, in essence, living in unbelief. Because, if we fear what may happen we are not truly believing in the God we say we believe in. Then He's not trustworthy and His promises are not our own eyes. But, when we trust and surrender our circumstances to a sovereign God, believing in our heart that He is good and faithful and will fulfill His promises, we are free from the bondage of fear.

In my next blog I will talk about obedience and selflessness as a way to disperse feelings of fear.

Be blessed!